Welcome to The Village

A community hosted by the Simple Living Collective, guided by the seasons.

What is The Village?

The Village is a private Simple Living Collective Community, created exclusively for members.

Inside you will find a growing community of people who are seeking a slower lifestyle that is guided by the seasons, simplicity, and beauty. Hosted by The Simple Living Collective, this is a space for us to come together to adopt new interests, build skills, and try new things with the support of others.

Here you will find activities, articles, recipes, music, book clubs, workshops... and the community you have been searching for. We will host simple living activities, create, connect, and learn from other village members on the same journey.

So many of us have the desire to slow down, reconnect, and savor family life. We want our families to build lasting memories together. To have deep belly laughs. To feel the joy of being together. To enjoy the seasons. 

The goal of The Village is to provide a place for families to slow down, discover new skills, build deeper connections, and align our lifestyles with the seasons.

We can do this together! Slowly.

If you...

  • are craving a supportive community that lifts each other up...
  • are yearning for deeper connection with your family...
  • have daydreamed about escaping the chaos...
  • desire the handmade life, but aren't sure how to reach it...
  • are surviving, not thriving...

    Join The Village. 
    A community of people who are seeking a slower lifestyle guided by beauty, simplicity, and the seasons.

What is included in my membership?

  • Connection - build lasting friendships and connect with like-minded folks within a community that is all working toward a common goal; cultivating a slower life and finding joy in the "mundane" moments of life.
  • Monthly Slow Living Activities - Seasonally appropriate activities to help you cultivate the slow lifestyle you seek.
  • Monthly Zoom Tea Time - Imagine the sun shining through the trees as you sip a cup of tea on your front porch with a friend. Join us for a casual cup of tea (or coffee!) where we can discuss activities, celebrate progress, and delight in the joy we receive from cultivating a slower life.
  • Weekly Inspiration on Slow & Seasonal Living - An ongoing offering of resources to help you design the life you'd like for your family.
  • Seasonal Book Club - Read, enjoy, and discuss a delightful book the community has chosen to go through together each season.

Let's chat over a cup of tea!
Join The Village today!

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